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I've talked to lots of Dorset producers since starting this blog, many of whom I'd read about online before meeting them in person at our great shows, markets and festivals. But there are just as many who are stuck when it comes to getting the word out. 

Typically, it's for one of the following reasons...

1. "I don't have time..."
In between running a farm, running a business, and running around Dorset, there just aren't enough hours in the day to spend hunched over a laptop writing about it.

2. "I've got a website. I just need to find the password..."
A business website is the bare minimum and a great resource. But unless it's optimised, updated regularly, and promoted through social media - or if it doesn't show up on the first page after a search - it's a missed opportunity.

3. "I just don't know where to start."
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest - what are they for, which ones do I need? Aren't they just for posting selfies? Too many choices, no idea which one to pick.

4. "It's not in my budget right now."
Shelling out another four-figure sum on my website isn't something I can afford. I'm getting by with print advertising and shows.

5. "I'm not much of a writer."
Hated Hamlet, never got into Pride and Prejudice, and even Thomas Hardy is a bit dry. But I'd like to see a journalist make one of my jams/pies/dry ciders.

So here comes the offer...
I'm an award-winning food writer, and experienced journalist, content writer and copywriter. I can help you tell your story, build your brand, and expand your social reach. That could be as little as taking care of a weekly newsletter and Twitter posts, to helping you build a multi-platform content plan. It helps that I'm passionate about Dorset food and drink, writing and communicating.

You can contact me through - tell me which part of the marketing process has you flummoxed and I'll get back to you quickly with a strategy - or recommend you someone who can if it's a bit more technical.

Some background...

I used to edit this...

Dorset Gourmet Nick Marshall All at Sea

Have written or currently write for these magazines...

Nick Marshall Destination St MaartenNick Marshall Dorset Gourmet Menu

And have written hundreds of online articles for the following, among others...

Dorset Gourmet Kelloggs
Dorset Gourmet Nick Marshall Kroger

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